We are delighted to have you as our patient. Your health and longevity are positively impacted by hearing well. It is our mission at Hearing Science to help you live a longer, happier, and healthier life. A plan for hearing health and well-fit hearing aids is essential for anyone suffering from hearing loss.

At Hearing Science, optimizing your hearing health is our number one goal, starting with your hearing test. Our digitally integrated diagnostic tools ensure we have all the best information to make an accurate diagnosis and thoughtful recommendations. We use evidence-based methods to maximize your benefit from hearing aids.

Our Five-Year Hearing Aid Comprehensive Care Plan is designed with you in mind. Your new hearing aids will come with a 2-3 year manufacturer warranty and the expectation that, with proper care and maintenance, will last 4-6 years. To maximize your hearing aid life, we offer the Five-Year Hearing Aid Comprehensive Care Plan. This plan means all of your hearing aid related services are covered at no additional charge to you for five years.

Because hearing well is critical in your day-to-day life, we believe everyone has a right to excellent hearing healthcare. Oftentimes, the best hearing aid for you doesn’t mean the most expensive. We offer multiple options to make your purchases affordable.


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